“I always say MS is a curse and blessing at the same time…” – by Louisa L.


After waking up one morning with numb legs from my butt to my toe, I already figured something was wrong. After 2 days of insecurity, I went to the emergency room and described my symptoms. I was then asked to see my family doctor, who could not explain my symptoms of numbness either, and then referred me to a neurologist. With various examinations and discussions, the diagnosis of multiple sclerosis was thrown into the room and I was immediately shocked. A few months later my treatment in the hospital began, and my cortisone therapy with further examinations started. In June 2016 it was clear – I have MS. 

MS taught me so much. My advice for anyone newly diagnosed is that it’s perfectly okay to be in shock at first and want to withdraw. Once you’ve processed the diagnosis for yourself, get help and accept support. You don’t have to go through this alone, and you won’t be a burden to your loved ones. Never forget that your MS doesn’t define you! It’s up to you how you want to live your life – not even your MS can stop you!

When I was diagnosed I fell into a hole and pushed close people away from me. I built a protective wall around myself and didn’t want to hear that phrase “we can do this together”. Relatively quickly I found my way back into my routine because a regular, familiar daily routine offered me security. I always say that MS is a curse and a blessing at the same time, because on the one hand it took a lot of joy out of my life in the early days, but it also gave me the kick in the butt to tackle wishes and dreams right from the start. After my diagnosis I found the courage to go alone to Iceland for 5 months and live there. The diagnosis also made me realize to enjoy the here and now and I am grateful for that!


Things I do to manage My MS

  1. Daily walks while listening to podcasts
  2. Taking prescribed and non prescribed vitamins to support my immune system (Vitamin D, Zinc, Omega 3)
  3. Tracking my MS symptoms and emotional states via an app
  4. Consciously scheduling breaks or a whole day to myself
  5. Scheduling 2 minutes of my day for self-reflection

Favorite Diet:
The most successful diet is the one you enjoy and feel good about. I eat what I feel like and what gives me pleasure and I am convinced that this is the most important thing. Do not forbid yourself foods that you love! Basically, with the right dose, any food is good!

Louisa Lesche

Instagram: @atwinwithms