“I take care of my body with excellent nutrition” – by Karen M.


On the morning of my 36th birthday, more than 5  years ago, I woke up with numb feet. I was consumed by a sense of dread. I hoped it was a temporary problem, but fast forward a few emotion-filled months, and I was given the diagnosis of MS.

There have been parts of this change in my life that have sucked, big time! But there have been way more good things that have come out of it than bad.

I appreciate life more, even the mundane day to day. I am grateful to be able to move my body and have control over my body, and I no longer take that for granted.

I have fewer relationships, as you find out fast who is really willing to support you when you are faced with a crisis like this. But these few relationships are true and authentic and wonderful. I appreciate these people so much. 😘

I am grateful to be able to work and to have a job that I enjoy!

I am far more in tune with what my body needs, and no longer put myself last. I take care of my body with excellent nutrition, daily movement and stress management.

I am also much less concerned with what others think of me and the choices that I make.

MS had steered me on a new path, to be able to provide others with hope and support in dealing with a new diagnosis. I became a Nutritional Therapy Practitioner to get an evidence-based background to holistic nutrition. I often think about how my mom would have benefited from this support 30 years ago.

Having MS has also lit a fire in me to ensure that my children and husband are given the best chance possible to be able to live a life free of chronic disease.

I take care of me now. I work on my mental health and my physical health everyday. It has taken me more than 40 years to realize that I am worthy of love and friendship, and worthy of taking up space in this world.

Things I do to manage My MS

  1. I begin my day with at least 8 ounces of water
  2. I meditate each morning, usually using the Insight Timer app and a guided meditation
  3. I exercise daily. It may be walking or yoga, or more strenuous like spinning or hiking.
  4. I plan my meals consciously and focus on nutrient-dense foods
  5. I prioritize my sleep! I turn in by 9 pm, and read a novel

Favorite Books:
I have sooo many favorite books! Some recent favorites include: The Exiles and American Dirt. I also love ‘How to do the Work’ by Dr LePera

Favorite Diet:
I enjoy a paleo diet! I have been able to incorporate some non-paleo foods recently and have been feeling good with this. I am committed to remaining gluten-free and dairy free. I avoid processed foods and refined sugars. I have recently been able to occasionally eat rice and GF oats, as well as occasionally some beans.

I learned loads from Dr Wahls, and would highly recommend her books and TED talks.

I love these Paleo bloggers for recipe inspiration:

Nom Nom Paleo, Paleo Running Momma and Unbound Wellness, among others!

I love Chosen Foods avocado mayonnaise – made with avocado oil and cleanly sourced eggs.

I love Insight Timer – they offer loads of free guided meditation sessions.

Novellia is an incredible source of up-to-date MS info, including research and new treatments!

Karen Marshall

Instagram: @connect_the_dots_to_wellness

My website is connectthedotstowellness.com and I have some great free downloads to support you on your journey. Stop by and check them out!