“I walked a few years mindfully” – by J Smith


My mom was diagnosed with PPMS when she was 51. Doctors said she was already at least 10 years into it. She didn’t do anything to fight. Lovely lady but she was pretty lazy and had no conviction. In summer of ‘14 I noticed tripping, foot drop and fatigue like hell. I asked my doctor for an MRI because I had an idea what the problem was. That took until December (welcome to Canada).

My doctor called me Jan 7, 2015 and told me the news. (I don’t think she realized it was my birthday). I walked a few years mindfully. Graduated to trekking poles for a few lore years and several months ago, I had to sit. Forever. No more walking, Ms has cost me everything. Work, family, love, confidence, and has left me in a puddle of fatigue and brain fog.
For the newly diagnosed I would recommend to follow Dr.Terry Wahls, Wahls Protocol diet. Difficult but effective. Research, figure out what makes you better or sicker by being mindful of your body.

Things I do to manage My MS

  1. I eat clean, homemade food from the Wahls Protocol.
  2. I nap in a dark room every day at pm.
  3. I use things like stair chairs, scooters and so on while my ego takes a back seat.
  4. I meditate daily to maintain control of my thoughts and feelings.
  5. I use exercise and yoga every chance I get.

Favorite Books:
Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy

Favorite Diet:
– Chocolate cake with peanut butter ice cream. However, since that would kill me I follow the Wahls Protocol.


– I love all my accessibility implements. The van has freed me. Stair chair. Changed my life. Grab bars I. Bathrooms has made life easier.

– If I need a snack I like Boulder avocado plain chips (good ingredients) and dairy free ice cream.

– Red wine is ok in small amounts (that’s why I don’t have any)

– “Living Proof” by Matthew Embry, is a great documentary about MS by a patient.

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/jerry_the_wanderer