“Its okay to have bad days, to stay in bed and cry, but …” – by Tina


My MS journey officially began in February of 2021. I suffered for weeks with extreme back pain and after running from doctor to doctor, I finally ended up receiving an MRI. The results of the MRI concluded that there was a highly inflamed lesion between my shoulder blades. This is when they suspected the diagnosis of Multiple Sclerosis. After that assumption of MS, I was sent to receive another MRI where they found more than 10 lesions in my brain, and amongst other blood tests, this finally led to the evidence that I have MS. Against the current attack, I received intravenous corticosteroids for 5 days.  

The diagnosis was shocking because the worst thing I was expecting was disc prolapse. Even if that was my diagnosis, it would have been a tough for me anyways as I am a very active and sporty person. I love running in the mountains and even competing in races on a podium level. I didn’t know anything or anyone dealing with MS, but from rumors, I heard that you end up in a wheelchair.

Luckily the corticosteroids helped, and I was pain free again. I also started medication quite quickly and so far, so good. From a doctor’s perspective I am in very good hands and pain has stopped. The issues I was having started to become more mental. I was so incredibly shocked, sad, and angry at the same time. My thoughts went from “saving all the money I have” to “spending everything I want now”, from quitting my job to try to get a better one and that would change from one hour to another. My mind became all over the place. Every morning I would check my whole body because I expected I would wake up one day and it wouldn’t work anymore. I lost the trust in my body, and I am still trying to get that back.

MS taught me so much: After the shock, I thought to myself “what I can now do with this heavy backpack on me?”. I wanted to do something good, so I organized a charity run for MS and collected 2.000€, which I then donated to MS research. All of that has helped me to stay focused to keep on running and to make my peace with MS.

In general, I have started to think about my life: my goals and what I really want in life. It’s not that I expect bad things to happen in my life, but I have experienced that life can change from one day to another. Because of this I have learned to appreciate my health more than ever. By learning more about MS, I started to become very interested in nutrition. I tried several diets and was shocked what I was eating for years wasn’t what was best for me. I bought a variety of cooking books and a juice maker to kickstart my healthy diet. It feels good to be living a healthier life.

I am still running and hiking in the mountains more than I was before. I am running one of the hardest races in the alps this year. I set my goals and just do it, or at least I try. I don’t think too much about what can happen, good or bad and go on achieving my goals. 

I force myself to have routines in life. It gets me through the good days and makes it easier for me to survive bad days because I stick to the rules that I have set for myself. This has changed completely compared to my life before MS, as I did not follow a routine before I got diagnosed. 

I haven’t had any pain since my first attack. The medication seems to be doing a good job. The last two MRI´s (they were done every 6 months) have shown that I am stable. With that being said, I am still waiting for the first day I don’t think about MS. 

When I was diagnosed I had to make the time to process all the information I had been given. Don’t let this change you! Its okay to have bad days, to stay in bed and cry, but never forget that it’s still your life and you get to make your own rules.

I am convinced that doing any kind of sport helps mentally and physically to live a bit better with this very sad diagnosis. With that being said, go out and enjoy nature.I am also convinced that good nutrition helps a lot, especially against fatigue.

 My advice is to have a routine for certain things. Mine is my daily fresh fruit shot and that I go out every day to get some fresh air. I could give the advice to get a dog, that makes going out if you don’t want to a bit easier haha! Be kind to yourself! Inform yourself about MS-because it belongs to you now.

Things I do to manage My MS

  1. Make daily fresh juice with any kind of fruits
  2. Cook fresh every day
  3. Take my medicine
  4. Get fresh air every day

Favorite Books:

  1. Taste of Green (vegetarian cook book)
  2. The Wahls Protocol
  3. The Power of 1440
  4. China Study

Favorite Diet:
Mostly vegetarian, fresh and local

Tina Multhaupt

Instagram: @tina.trails