Starting your Wellness Journey


Hey warriors – If you are about to begin your own wellness journey, there are a few more things you should  know before officially diving in! Lucky for you, I’m here to tell you everything I wish I would have known before completely changing my whole diet and lifestyle regimen!

Detoxification Process

Before you start your wellness journey,  I do have to warn you that you may feel worse before you start feeling better, as your body will go through a detoxification process. I know it sounds crazy, however I just want to remind you that this process is temporary and the length of time and intensity varies from person to person!

The “Carb Flu”

This process is also known as the “carb flu”.  If you start getting headaches, increased fatigue, brain fog, and/or flu-like symptoms, just know this is all natural! Especially if you are significantly decreasing your carb intake, as well as if you are not used to eating this much fiber and nutrients daily. 

With the rapid changes in diet – increasing fibers, fats and decreases in carbohydrates – it is normal to experience temporal gastrointestinal issues (loose stools, bloating, constipation, belching, etc.) as well within the first few days or weeks. Your gut microbiota is adapting and becoming healthier by producing more acids to absorb, digest and assimilate nutrients properly! Aren’t our bodies so cool!

Again, these symptoms will be temporary, and keep in mind that your body is starting to cleanse itself!  It is completely normal for your body to do this – don’t freak out. 

These increased symptoms are normal at the beginning and this is not a time to give up – this does not mean this process is not working for you –  it means it’s just starting!! Remember each person is different and these symptoms can last anywhere between a few days or over a month. Stay strong and keep going, it’s worth getting over the first part of this hill!

What to do during this period

During this point of time, drink lots of water to stay hydrated and help your body flush out all the toxins. Water is crucial during this time and not something to skip out on! (You shouldn’t be skimping out on water on a daily basis anyways!)

Fill your body with complex carbs from fruits and root vegetables. This will also help you manage cravings at the beginning and help curb that sweet tooth, all while staying compliant to the journey!

Another trick I also have found helpful is taking activated charcoal during the withdrawal-like period! Activated charcoal binds to toxins or substances in the body to withdraw it faster  while  decreasing inflammation. Start with one per day, and I recommend not going over 3 per day. I would only take activated charcoal for 2 weeks at most since it is known to cause constipation if taken for prolonged periods of time!

Give yourself Grace

Lastly, and easier said than done is to give yourself grace! 

This journey is definitely tough! Remember to Give yourself grace during this healing and wellness process is critical. You may have a few slip-ups,especially at the beginning! That means just because you had a cookie  DOES NOT mean you messed up the whole process and you should just give up.. NO not at all! I do not want you to give up. Don’t forget it means your human – this is called a journey and not a destination for a reason. Forgive yourself, get back up and start over.

Healing isn’t linear

Healing isn’t linear. Healing is going to have many twists, turns, ups and downs. There’s going to be times where you’re getting better so quickly – you’ll think you finally figured it out… and then out of nowhere symptoms will come hitting you again making  you feel like you’re going backwards again. Don’t get discouraged!  is all a part of the process. Sometimes we have to get worse to get better. We have to be extremely mindful to tune in to what’s working for our body and what’s not. It’s all part of the journey! When you are going through this rollercoaster don’t hesitate to reach out to a fellow warrior on  their wellness journey for encouragement and support! More often than not,you’ll find fellow warrior friends who are going through extremely similar scenarios.. You don’t need to go through this journey alone!

Melody Sapien