Our stories can be told in black and white. Sometimes it's happy, sometimes it's sad, most of the time, it's emotional. Here is your opportunity to share your MS story, get relief, and raise awareness. MS is a part of us, but doesn’t own us. Email us at for details. 

“But for now, I just take each day as it comes…” -Nin

My diagnosis came out of the blue. I was diagnosed on March 4th 2022 with RRMS ...

“There were points when I didn’t know if there were answers or hope. ” – Melody S.

My story isn’t like most!  Eight years ago I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis at ...
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“God gave me this path for a reason and I know I can rock it.” – Marie F.

​I went to the gym with my friend and we had done a crazy workout. ...

“I always say MS is a curse and blessing at the same time…” – by Louisa L.

After waking up one morning with numb legs from my butt to my toe, I ...

“Its okay to have bad days, to stay in bed and cry, but …” – by Tina

My MS journey officially began in February of 2021. I suffered for weeks with extreme ...

“I knew something was off, so I drove myself to the ER…” – by Erica Rios Flores

It was November of 2019. I was under a lot of stress, as my job ...

“When do you get to accept it and deal with it?” – by Basma D.

MRIs, LP procedure, blood tests, OCT, neurologist after neurologist, advice, types of medication, insurance coverage, ...

“I take care of my body with excellent nutrition” – by Karen M.

On the morning of my 36th birthday, more than 5  years ago, I woke up ...

“Giving my body a chance to heal itself” – by Katy M.

Hi! My name is Katy- I’m 34 and a mom of 4 kids- 10 and ...

“Maybe you have MS” – by Dr. Susan Payrovi

Even doctors get MS.  So why the shocked when I received MY diagnosis in 2011?  ...

“Inspire and learn from each other” – by Agata @BeatingMyMS

It was freezing in New York so we decided to go somewhere even colder: Vail, ...

“MS Came into my life so that I can find my real strength…” -Georgina W.

My diagnosis wasn’t that much of a surprise. I knew something was wrong and my ...

“He asked if I believed in god, I said yes. He said ‘God is in this room with you…'” -Mariana

Hello my name is Mariana and I am twenty seven years old. My story starts ...

“I walked a few years mindfully” – by J Smith

My mom was diagnosed with PPMS when she was 51. Doctors said she was already ...

“Researching for myself and advocating” – by Emily L

I was diagnosed in March of 2020 at the age of 19. I first noticed ...

“Never give up on yourself” – by Yuli C

I was diagnosed at age 20 during my vacation in Mexico, prior to that i ...

“Finding a balance that works best for you” – by Stephanie H

My name is Stephanie and I am 37 years old. I was diagnosed with MS ...


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