“There were points when I didn’t know if there were answers or hope. ” – Melody S.


My story isn’t like most! 

Eight years ago I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis at 15 years old. In a lot of ways I am grateful for my diagnosis! Without my diagnosis, I would have never found my purpose.

Positivity with my MS didn’t come easy! There were points when I didn’t know if there were answers or hope. In the beginning, my norm consisted of vision loss, trouble walking, vertigo, pins and needles, MS hugs, migraines, brain fog, fatigue and the symptoms go on.

I felt like I was going crazy before my diagnosis! Doctor’s concluded that my symptoms were normal; just another teenage athlete who needed extra sleep to grow, my chest hurt because I had anxiety and just another athlete who needed physical therapy. I am so grateful that my mom kept pushing the doctors to find more answers for me.

Two years later, my neurologist told me I have “Multiple Sclerosis”. It felt amazing to finally have an answer, but that relief quickly ended when he told us that if I didn’t go straight on medications then I would end up in a wheelchair! I was devastated! 

That is when we found The Wahls Protocol. This answer saved and changed my life! After complete focus, determination and patience, I was able to feel 100% like me again!

Ever since gaining my life back through nutrition and lifestyle habits, I knew it was my life’s mission to guide and teach other warriors to do the same! 

For this reason, I became a Nutritional Therapist and Wahls Practitioner.

I started working with clients because I’ve been there too! I wanted to let them know, “I’m here with you. I stand with you because I was you.” and here is a way to gain you hope and power back!

Warrior, if you’re looking to take a holistic approach to managing your autoimmunity, it’s 100% worth it! What we feed our body, what we tell our mind, and what our daily habits are, such as sleep and hydration, all play a role in our vitality! Aim to give your body the tools (nutrients) it needs each day! Find a support team to help you! Stay determined, patient, and stay consistent.  Focus on progress, not perfection. I know it’s tough, but I promise you it is 100% worth it! You got this!

Things I do to manage My MS

  1. 6 to 9 cups of veggies
  2. Daily Fermented foods ( apple cider vinegar, bone broth, sauerkraut or yogurt)
  3. Balanced macronutrients ( proteins, fats and carbs)
  4. Completely eliminate gluten, dairy, refined sugar/ oils/foods
  5. Light exercise ( walks, pilates, yoga, stretching)
  6. Proper hydration
  7. 6-8 hours of sleep / night

Favorite books:

  • The Wahls Protocol

Favorite diet:

  •  A mix of AIP and The Wahls Protocol

Melody Sapien

Instagram: @autoimmune.wellnesswarriors